Quarantine hair growth tips!

Staying home has it’s perks! Aside from staying safe it’s given us extra time to get in touch with things we may have put off for some time. 

With salons being closed it’s a DIY moment in time. No fear, Kaye is here! Please allow me to share my personal tips for retaining length during this time.


1. Shampoo / Condition your hair. I see you with that cute ponytail, and laid edges! Cute girl! But guess what!? Gels, & edge controls contain alcohol which drys the hair out, then using a brush to “lay” the baby hair day after day can add too much tension and cause breakage & really slow down the hair growth process. It’s best to shampoo your hair or rinse out that product before you reapply.

Condition your tresses to ensure you allow the proper moisture balance back into your hair. I personally use NOUNOU By Davines hair mask for a deep conditioning treatment. Also great everyday conditioner for my natural gals is Pretty Strands Hydration Help conditioner.


2.  Detangle your hair! I literally should of put the hand clapping emojis in between each word to emphasize how important detangling your hair is. During quarantine it’s very easy to let go and let God, but in this case Jesus wants you to comb your hair, and most importantly from the ends up. Gently! 

3. Oils. Nothing makes me happy like a great tingling sensation on my scalp. My Kaye’s Elixir has EVERYTHING your scalp needs to flourish. Castor oil, to thicken the hair follicle, Ylang ylang for extreme hair growth, Amla to prevent hair loss, Peppermint & tea tree to provide a clean anti fungal environment to promote the other oils to do there job + more!  I love applying my Kaye’s Elixir to my hair after i condition my hair while it’s still wet.


4. PROTECTIVE STYLE it’s in the name, protection is key! Any low maintenance/low manipulate style will be ideal for this time. I love a great braid or platted style. A twist out, braid out, flexi rod set, wet set anything to keep your hair detangled and stretched (to avoid fairy knots).

5. Diet & water. No matter how many times you oil your scalp if your insides are not aligned with the plan, the plan will not work. That includes stress too. Don’t stress about anything. Give all that to God! Drink lots of water, eat green vegetables, get active, sweat, love on your self! Hair is very similar to plants your treat it with kindness, be patience, maintain, it will grow and florist beyond your wildest dreams!!

i hope this blog was helpful!
Stay safe,

Kaye Dash  

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