Combat a dry December : Ask Kaye

With the weather cooling down, and winds blowing you may have noticed a change in your hair during the change in weather. Don't worry it happens to the best of us!

Janna from Los Angeles, Ca. asked...

" Hey Kaye, my hair is normally oily during the summer but now its really dry! Help!!! I have been struggling with dandruff and itchy scalp all over my head. I am wearing a protective style but my dry scalp seems to be an issue from my weave to my leave out. What can I do to provide relief to my scalp and ensure my hair continues to grow and maintain its health? "


Dear Janna,

Thank you for your question I've underlined & used bold text on the key components of your question to give you the best professional answers to your concerns.

Lets start with the basis.. All seasons can give your hair a funky twist but with the cold dry weather in winter us curly gurls seems to have a bit of trouble keeping that moisture locked in and saturated throughout our strands.

Combating really dry hair can be an easy fix starting at the shampoo bowl or shower lol. I highly recommend using a Luxe Therapy scalp soother & sulfate free moisture shampoo (TEN14 Moisture Shampoo).

Starting with a sulfate free shampoo cleanses your scalp but doesn't take away from your natural oils or use harsh chemicals to cleanse. After the shampoo use a moisture conditioner (TEN14 Moisture Conditioner) add a couple drops of oil I recommend adding (Kayes Exilir) tea tree for that extra cleanse and natural astringent to the scalp & peppermint oil for extra stimulation to continue to promote healthy hair growth. Use a plastic cap and allow your conditioner to set in your hair for 15 minutes.

After rinse with lukewarm water to help lock that moisture in. Since your wearing a weave I don't recommend blow drying your hair. In the salon I detangle using (TEN14 Everyday leave-in treatment & 2-3 drops of Kayes Elixir) section and allow all your hair to dry under a hooded dryer! Trust me the results are so phenomenal, style as usual and finish with yet another light styling oil (TEN14 Ametheyst Oil).

 Love Always, Kaye Dash


Products used:

TEN14 Moisture Shampoo

TEN14 Moisture Conditioner

Kayes Elixir

TEN14 Everyday Miracle Treatment

TEN14 Amethyst Oil





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